Save Money On Your BMW Brake Repair

BMW vehicles hold a certain prestige that many other vehicles just don't. When it comes to keeping your BMW in great shape, there are certain signs you should be aware of. One of the most common maintenance procedures BMWs encounter are brake problems. When you need a brake repair performed on your vehicle, it is essential to find a great mechanic who is knowledgeable about BMWs. Since BMWs are foreign, they require a different type of knowledge than domestic vehicles because they are built differently. [Read More]

2 Things Every All-Wheel-Drive SUV Owner Should Know

 Many drivers assume that both the 4x4 and AWD rating both mean about the same thing, these two drive systems are actually quite different. AWD, the more modern of the two, is actually a lot more complex and complicated than the typical 4x4 system. If you happen to have an AWD sport utility vehicle in your driveway, there are a few things that you should know about this drive system. [Read More]

Need A New Transmission? Learn About Your Options

Hearing that you need a new transmission is likely to strike a chord of fear in the hearts – and wallets – of nearly everyone. After all, replacing this vital component of your car will cost you at least $1,000 and could be as pricey as $3,000. Fortunately, you do have some money-saving options when it comes to the transmission you choose for your car. Remanufactured Transmission A remanufactured transmission is one that has been disassembled in a factory. [Read More]

How To Tell If Your Car's Drive Shaft Is Starting To Fail

Many people who have drive shaft issues never know it. It's not until the problem becomes severe that they take their vehicles to the shop for a look. That's because among everyday drivers, the drive shaft is one of those vehicle components that doesn't commonly come up. Here's how to tell if your drive shaft is failing you. Shaking and Vibrating Vibration is one of the most common symptoms of a drive shaft issue. [Read More]