3 Signs Your Radiator Hose Needs To Be Replaced

The radiator hose is what takes the coolant from the radiator into the engine. Without it, your vehicle would end up overheating and having all sorts of problems. But, how often do you really get into the hoses and check them to make sure they are okay and don't need to be replaced? For the most part, many people ignore the radiator hose until it bursts and they are left with no other choice but to replace the component.

Getting Ready To Perform Maintenance On Your Car? Make Sure You Know These Myths First

You know you need to perform maintenance on your car to keep it running properly, and to save you money from major repair costs. To keep your car maintained, you need to know the things that need to be done. Unfortunately, there are some myths, which may mean you could be doing some things to your car when you do not need to.  Keep reading to see if you believe these myths.