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Getting Ready To Perform Maintenance On Your Car? Make Sure You Know These Myths First

You know you need to perform maintenance on your car to keep it running properly, and to save you money from major repair costs. To keep your car maintained, you need to know the things that need to be done. Unfortunately, there are some myths, which may mean you could be doing some things to your car when you do not need to.  Keep reading to see if you believe these myths.

Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles

You may think you have to have the oil changed in your car every 3,000 miles. This is simply not true. Look at your car's user's manual, and it will tell you the recommended miles, which may be different from 3,000.  Changing your oil more often than you should will cause no problems, but it does make you spend more money.

If you do a lot of driving, towing trailers, or travel through adverse conditions, such as mountains, then getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles is probably a good idea, however.

Premium Fuel is Better

When you go to the gas pump, you have the option of regular, mid-grade, and premium.  Premium fuel can cost up to 30% more per gallon of gas. You should use premium gas, however, if your car requires it. Look in your user's manual to see if this is recommended.  

Air Conditioning Uses More Fuel

Next time it is hot outside, turn on your air conditioner, as you will not use more fuel doing so. You should understand that your car will use a little gas, but this amount is so small that it will not make any difference. Now that you know this information, you can enjoy the cool air conditioning, instead of having the windows down.

You Always Have to Replace All Four Tires If Your Tire Goes Flat

If you get a flat tire and have to replace it, you may assume you need to replace all four tires so they all have the same tread. This is not always true. If the tire is in the front, you may want to consider replacing the two front tires if your car is front wheel drive. This is because your car carries the most weight in the front. If you have all wheel drive (AWD), however, you will likely want to replace all four tires. This is because the engine's horsepower is divided between all four tires.  All of the tires have to come from the same manufacturer, and have the same tread.

Talk with a mechanic, such as at Foothill Service, about the maintenance that needs to be done on your car, and when you should do it.