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Why Flatbed Towing Puts Less Wear And Tear On Your Vehicle

If you are currently planning on having your car towed, you probably want to do so with minimal damage to your vehicle. Even if your car is experiencing mechanical problems or has been involved in a car accident, you surely do not want your car to become even more damaged than it is right now. Also, you might be towing your car to a car show, to a new home that is far away or to a place where it will be sold, and you may want it to be in pristine condition when it gets there.

Just as with driving your car on the road yourself, there is always the chance that it could become damaged while being towed. Even the best drivers with the best equipment cannot 100 percent prevent damage to your vehicle. However, choosing a good tow truck driver who has the right type of tow truck can help reduce the chance of damage. For example, you'll find that towing your vehicle on a flatbed truck can put a lot less wear and tear on it. These are a few reasons why.

Keep Equal Pressure On All Your Tires

If you have your car towed on a dolly, the front end of it will be lifted up while the back end of it stays on the ground behind the truck. This means that the back tires will be rolling along the road while the car is being towed. This might not seem like a big deal, and it isn't necessarily, particularly if your car is being towed only a few miles. However, a car that is being towed longer distances can see a lot more wear and tear on the back tires than the front. This can cause uneven wearing and can require the need for a tire rotation or even the need for new back tires if the trip is long enough. Plus, there is an increased chance that the tires will run over something that they shouldn't and will become flat. If your car is towed on a flatbed, this isn't a problem because your car is fully lifted off the ground and equal pressure is put on all four tires.

Avoid Suspension Problems

Your car isn't meant to be hoisted partway in the air. This can cause suspension or powertrain problems, particularly if your car is older or if it is being towed over many miles. If it is towed on a flatbed truck, however, your car will be kept at a much more natural position: flat and sitting on all four tires. This can help prevent this added wear and tear and potential for further damage.

As you can see, flatbed towing can be a superior choice if you want to avoid unnecessary wear and tear and damage to your car. If you are looking to have your car towed with minimal damage, consider paying a little extra so that you can hire a flatbed towing provider. For more information, contact a company like Apex Transportation.