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Pack Some Emergency Items In Your Motorhome

If you have purchased a Class B motorhome to travel in, you have a limited amount of space to store the items that you are bringing with you. Because inclement weather can occur at any time, taking some measures to ensure that you have necessities will be greatly appreciated if you find yourself in a situation that results in a power outage. Follow the tips below to be well-prepared for any situation that you are faced with.

Use Coffee Cans For Toiletries, Medicine, And Money

Toilet paper, shaving materials, soap, medication, and extra money can be kept dry and secure in a metal or plastic coffee can with a lid. Label each can with a permanent marker so that you can see what is stored inside. These containers won't take up much space in your RV and will be greatly appreciated if you encounter wet and stormy conditions that require you to transport your belongings outside. 

Pre-Cook Meals And Keep Them Cool

Although your motorhome may have a small refrigerator in it, it is always best to prepare for the worst. Instead of taking up a lot of space with canned or boxed food items, pre-cook a few meals and place them in a small cooler. Prepare some sandwiches and bagged snacks for a quick lunch or dinner.  If your power goes out or the weather conditions are dangerous, you will still be able to eat, and won't have to worry about your food spoiling or needing access to electricity in order to cook.

Make An Emergency Candle

A can of sardines or tuna contains oil that can be used to light a makeshift candle. Pack this item inside of a plastic bag with a few strings from a mop head and a pack of matches. If your power is knocked out, remove the sardines from the oil. Place one end of a piece of a string inside of the oil and light the other end. You will be able to see what is going on around you and your candle will last for several hours. If you run out of oil, add some cooking oil to the metal container.

You will be able to enjoy yourself on your trip and will not worry as much about bad situations occurring by having these emergency preparations made. Keep these items in the same place each time that you travel so that you can readily put your hands on what you need.

Talk to a company like Fretz RV for more tips on preparing your motorhome for an emergency.