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Items That Should Always Be Removed From Your Vehicle Before Long-Distance Towing

It can be hard to watch one of your valuable possessions head off over the horizon without you. Keeping your car safe while it is being transported is the responsibility of the tow truck driver once it leaves your possession, but it will be yours to make sure the car is ready for a long-distance trip. Pay close attention to what you leave inside of the car. There are some things that should definitely be removed before the tow truck driver arrives to pick up your ride.

Personal Belongings

You may trust your preferred tow truck company with all your heart and know without a doubt that the driver is an honest person, but you should never leave your personal belongings in a car that is going to be transported long distances. Think of it this way: Your car will come across all kinds of people while it is out on the road without you. Would you ever leave your car unattended and vulnerable in an unfamiliar area with your personal belongings inside? It is a good idea to remove everything from your vehicle that is valuable or personal. Doing so will prevent thieves and vandals from wanting to gain access to your vehicle to get to what may be inside.

Food or Trash

If you have a habit of leaving fast food wrappers and other trash in your vehicle, it should be removed before your car is towed away. Furthermore, you should do a thorough check to ensure your three-year-old has not left last week's chicken nugget tucked in the seat or you did not leave something from the grocery store on the back of your truck.

Leftover food and trash will attract pests without a doubt. These pests can range from small gnats and flies to larger, more threatening animals, like bears, who will go to great lengths to get a quick meal. Furthermore, your car will be in pretty bad shape once you get it back in your possession if it has been stuffed with old food and trash while it was away.

A long-distance towing service will likely tell you what should and should not be left in your vehicle before it is picked up by a driver. Preparing your car for a trip without you is partially your responsibility. By removing personal items, trash and food, your car will be more likely to arrive back in your possession unharmed.