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3 Reasons Your Next Horse Trailer Should Be A Fifth-Wheel

Statistics show that 9.2 million horses call the United States home. If you own one (or more) of these horses, you know how exciting it can be to travel to competitions with your animals. In order to safely transport horses, you will need a reliable horse trailer.

While there are many models available on the market today, making the choice to invest in a fifth-wheel trailer can be beneficial.

Here are three reasons to consider a fifth-wheel trailer as you shop for a horse trailer in the future.

1. Fifth-wheel trailers can provide a spacious living area.

If you do a significant amount of traveling with your horses, it is likely that you will engage in several overnight trips during the course of a year.

During the first half of 2014, travelers paid an estimated average of $137 per night for hotel accommodations. If you are looking to reduce your travel expenses, then a fifth-wheel trailer is the best option. The additional sleeping space created by the overhang above the hitch allows you to eliminate the need for hotel stays as you travel with your horses.

2. A fifth-wheel trailer can provide your horses with a more stable ride.

Keeping your beloved horses safe while traveling should be a top priority. If you are looking for a trailer than can provide more stability and security for your animals while in transit, then a fifth-wheel trailer is a great option.

Since the hitch is located in the back of your pickup truck with a fifth-wheel trailer, the weight of the trailer rests on your truck's back axle rather than at the rear of the truck's frame. This allows you to load more weight onto the trailer while still maintaining control.

3. Fifth-wheel trailers can easily be maneuvered in tight spaces.

Investing in a fifth-wheel horse trailer can make navigating tight spaces much easier, especially for novice drivers. Since the nose of the trailer sits above the truck bed, the overall length of your rig will be reduced.

A fifth-wheel trailer provides the opportunity to turn at an almost 90-degree radius, which will allow you to get in and out of crowded show barn parking lots without issue.

Selecting a horse trailer is a big decision. When you opt for a fifth-wheel trailer, you get the benefit of added living space, increased stability during transit, and easy maneuverability, making the fifth-wheel a great choice for your next horse trailer.

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